I am a passionate SQL Server Architect with 17 years of experience in using technology to solve complex problems. Please, take a look around for more information regarding my skills and accomplishments.

  • SQL SERVER ARCHITECT with 17 years of experience and a proven record of accomplishments. Please see the list below for descriptions of my accomplishments and skills:

    •     Designed, developed, and tuned many complex T-SQL procedures designed to report against data from various databases with 1 – 2 billion records.

    •     Designed and developed an asynchronous communication component using SQL Server Service Broker.

    •     Administered 15+ SQL server databases with 100+ Million records in HA environment.

    •     Successfully lead 5 different teams of developers to accomplish various goals.

    •     Developed/managed the development of dozens of .NET applications and services.

    •     Developed/managed the development of 10 .NET driven websites.

    •     Designed, purchased, and administered a network with 30+ computers, 15 servers (some virtualized), an IP based SAN, and many other specialized devices.

    •     Purchased, Installed and administered a software based IP Phone system with 20+ extensions and various IVR menus.

    •     Procured services from and managed 5 data entry companies in Asia and Mexico.


  • SQL Developer / Technical LeadSeptember 2012 - Present


    I started Inmar in 2012 as a SQL developer responsible for report development. Since that time I have been promoted to a technical lead role, successfully leading various teams and playing a key role in the design of the Pharmacy Financial Management system.

    •     Developed complex queries that reconciled pharmacy claims to insurance payments. These queries had to perform against very large databases (1-2 billion records).

    •     Designed and developed a solution using SQL Server Service Broker that allowed for long running actions to get queued instead of running synchronously.

    •     Lead four different scrum teams that ranged in size from four developers to seven developers.

    •     Conducted formal code reviews and security reviews.

    •     Worked in a sub-team, where the mission was to design a testing strategy that would be adopted by the entire SmartRx team. We were able to successfully change the team culture around testing and adopt Test Driven Development methodologies.

    •     Responsible for conducting interviews for our team as well as other teams throughout the organization.

  • IT Manager / DeveloperJanuary 2003 - Present

    MailCo Productions

    When I joined MailCo 10 years ago I was the first and only member of the IT department. Since that time MailCo has become a technologically savvy innovator with one of the best IT infrastructures in the industry. As the head of the department, I am proud to have been involved in nearly every aspect of making that happen. Below is a selected list of projects that will showcase some of our accomplishments (in no particular order):

    The Problem The Solution

    Contractors were selling the same data to our competition which gave us less of an advantage.

    Developed a custom data entry platform with strong encryption. The key to convincing the contractors to use the software was the resulting increase in productivity that allowed them to key 65% faster than before.

    Data that was once very hard to get became available online which leveled the playing field with our competition.

    Developed 300+ robots to gather and process data from all over the web very rapidly. In many cases we were able to collect online data that was not collectable without the help of our software.

    Cost of collecting data needed to be reduced.

    Developed a remote data entry platform and procured services from data entry companies in China, India and Mexico. The cost to collect a single record was reduced by 75% as a result of this system.

    Sales leads were being distributed via snail mail which was slow and costly.

    Developed a document management system that digitized the entire process from receiving, invoicing, distributing and retrieving.

    Needed to increase the efficiency of our mailing processes. Also, needed to be able to tweak mailing parameters for specific areas. This was a highly manual and functionally restrictive system.

    Revamped the entire system. Obtained sophisticated variable data printing software that allowed us to print changes on the fly very quickly. Developed a system that allowed operations to adjust the parameters of each mailing. While this system was very complicated the end user simply clicked a button or two.

    Global warming

    Just kidding, but I do like riding my bike when possible.

  • Owner / FreelancerJuly 2008 - Present

    ViTier Solutions, LLC

    I started ViTier Solutions primarily for legal protection when engaging in freelance programming work. From time to time I will accept projects that sound interesting to me. Here is a description of some of the projects I have worked on:

    •     Developed .NET application to interact and control a machine that is used for cutting webbing.

    •     Developed .NET application to interact and control a machine that is used to measure fabric.

    •     Developed SQL Server database for telemarketing firm. Database was needed to transform and standardize data that would be loaded into their dialing software.

    •     Developed .NET website for wedding cake company –

    •     Network configuration for various clients.

    •     Developed .NET application with SQL Server Express database to help a non-profit organization manage water purification projects in Indonesia. This was performed free of charge.

  • InternshipJune 2003 - August 2003

    Computerway Food Systems

    Each year William Altenpohl, owner of Computerway Food Systems (CFS), offers a $5,000 scholarship and internship to one of the top three rising seniors in the CIS program at High Point University. Based on strong encouragement from my professors I was the first intern that was allowed to work side by side with the software developers. Below is a description of the tasks I performed at CFS:

    •     I was required to learn a programming language called Progress 4GL in the first few weeks. I was able to learn the semantics of the language and write simple programs using this language within 2 weeks.

    •     Given small programming tasks that were then reviewed and scrutinized by my programming mentor.

    •     Developed label templates using a proprietary printing language.

  • Computer Sales2000 - January 2003

    Circuit City

    I started working at Circuit City while still in high school only after receiving special permission from home office because I was under the age of 18. While at Circuit City I helped customers purchase computers that were appropriate for their needs. While there I received employee of the month and made President’s Club (recognition for meeting lofty sales targets) on several occasions.


  • High Point UniversityJune 2001 - August 2004

    Computer Information Systems

    Minor: Management Information Systems and Business Administration
    GPA: 3.79 overall / 4.0 in major
    Magna Cum Laude

  • NC Licensed Insurance ProducerJanuary 2011

    Life, Accident & Health or Sickness

    Obtained for the sole purpose of better understanding the industry in which I worked.

  • Microsoft CertificationSeptember 2012

    Querying Microsoft SQL Server 2012 (Exam 461)

I am seeking a position where I can use my zeal for technology to help solve complicated business problems and/or support your business objectives.

Programming Skills

  • VB.NET

  • T-SQL

  • VB6

  • VBScript

  • VBA

  • HTML


  • C#.NET

  • Javascript

Operating Systems

  • Windows XP - 8

  • Windows Server 2003 - 2008 R2

  • Linux

  • MAC

Miscellaneous Skills

  • SQL Server Administration

  • Networking

  • IP Phone Systems

  • Microsoft Office

  • Agile - Scrum

  • TDD

  • Service Broker

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I have tried to be as brief as possible but most of these projects are complicated and worthy of lengthy discussions. If you want to learn more about any of these projects please do not hesitate to contact me.
  • Recruiting Website

    Desc: Website used to receive, rank, and manage the process of hiring data entry personnel.

    Role: Managed

    Tech: ASP.NET, VB.NET, SQL Server, T-SQL, IIS, HTML, AJAX, JavaScript
  • Lead Distribution System

    Desc: Handles document indexing, storage and distribution as well as invoicing and payment processing.

    Role: Developed

    Tech: VB6, VB.NET, SQL Server, T-SQL, IIS, HTML, ASP.NET
  • Database Design

    Desc: Database used for data standardization, warehousing, lead generation, and lead processing for an experimental product.

    Role: Developed

    Tech: SQL Server, T-SQL
  • Primary Mailing System

    Desc: Allows operations to set many fine tuned parameters for mail generation in real time.

    Role: Developed

    Tech: VB6, SQL Server, T-SQL
  • Network Administration

    Desc: Managed small network of servers, desktops, switches, tape libraries, SANs and clusters.

    Role: Managed

    Tech: Windows Server 2003 - 2008 R2, Dell & Cisco Products, Linux FreeNAS
  • Cable Management

    Desc: Converted a highly unorganized network closet into a highly organized network closet.

    Role: Designed & Implemented

    Tech: Punch down tool, blood, sweat & cursing
  • Data Entry System

    Desc: Data entry program that allows operators to key at speeds of up to 200 records per hour anywhere in the world.

    Role: Managed

    Tech: VB.NET, SQL Server, SQL Server Compact, T-SQL, MS RemoteApp
  • Response Website

    Desc: Desktop/mobile website where customers can learn more about and express interest in a product.

    Role: Managed/Developed

    Tech: APS.NET, VB.NET, SQL Server, T-SQL, IIS, HTML, Flash, JQuery
  • Contractor Portal

    Desc: Website used to educate, train, interact with and provide feedback to contractors throughout the united states.

    Role: Developed

    Tech: ASP.NET, VB.NET, SQL Server, T-SQL, IIS, AJAX, JavaScript, HTML, Flash
  • VDP Programming

    Desc: Application used to print "dynamically" at very high speeds to multiple printers.

    Role: Developed

    Tech: PSL (Proprietary programming language), T-SQL
  • Research Management

    Desc: Intranet site used to manage research contractors and locations.

    Role: Managed/Developed

  • Research System ERD

    Desc: Database design that drives the management of research contractors and locations.

    Role: Developed/Managed

    Tech: SQL Server, T-SQL
  • Contractor Payroll System

    Desc: Used to manage the payment of contractors and archive invoices received.

    Role: Developed

    Tech: VB.NET, SQL Server, T-SQL
  • Spider Bot System

    Desc: Launch over 300 individual spider applications on remote servers.

    Role: Managed

    Tech: VB.NET, SQL Server, T-SQL, Windows Services, TCP/IP, HTML, AJAX, JavaScript, HTTP/HTTPS Protocols
  • Performance Charting

    Desc: Used to review data from spiders & contractors and alerts the operators of potential problems.

    Role: Managed

    Tech: VB.NET, SQL Server, T-SQL
  • Sample T-SQL

    Desc: Excerpt from stored procedure that is used to report data submitted by contractors. This stored procedure is called by multiple systems exposed to the Intranet and Internet.

    Role: Developed

    Tech: SQL Server, T-SQL
  • Non-Profit Work

    Desc: Application used by non-profit organization to manage water purification projects in Indonesia.

    Role: Developed

    Tech: VB.NET, SQL Server, T-SQL
  • Cutting Machine App

    Desc: Software used to drive a machine that cuts, marks and punches holes into webbing material.

    Role: Developed

    Tech: VB.NET, Serial Communications
  • Measuring Machine App

    Desc: Software used to drive a machine that measures webbing material.

    Role: Developed

    Tech: VB.NET, USB Communication
  • Wedding Cake Website

    Desc: General purpose website for local wedding cake company.

    Role: Developed

    Tech: ASP.NET, VB.NET, JQuery, AJAX, HTML, JavaScript

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